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Erasmus call 2021

Dear colleagues! We hope you are doing well at this challenging time.
Are you going to apply for Erasmus+ funding for KA1 training courses abroad? There is still time to do it. Deadline is 11 May 2021.

You can ease your task by using support materials. Our “help yourself” PDFs can be subscribed for free in .

They are documents with reference to Erasmus KA1 courses of Euneos. Now each document is formally adjusted to the application form 2021, and includes 16-22 pages of information.

The full information about funded activities is given in Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2021, click here>>

Online courses of Euneos

Redesign of Euneos on-site courses to virtual format since July 2020 has been successful. Many short online courses of Euneos FI are confirmed, and also full online courses are available.

Mail to to register, or use our registration forms.
How to avoid cancellation of pending mobilities and get full training online? > (opens in a new tab)”>Read more>>

  • Digital STEAM. Teaching integrated science, art and mathematics with digital devices, DONE 11 – 26 March , next option 15 – 30 April 2021.  Read more
  • Coding and Robotics in Classroom. Teaching programming to 1-9 graders according to the Finnish National Curriculum for primary education, CONFIRMED 12-16.4. 2021.  Read more
  • Digital turn: How to make your school more digital, 13-23.4. , next option 4-14.5. 2021. Completion to full online course also possible 25.5., 28.5. 2021. Read more
  • eAssessment. Assessment of/for learning with digital tools, CONFIRMED 8 – 23 April, next option 6 – 21 May 2021. Completion to full online course on demand. Read more
  • Game-Based learning. About theory and practice of game-based learning & gamification, 4 – 8 January 2021, DONE. The course 22 – 26 March 2021 DONE. Next: 17 – 21 May 2021. Full online course on demand. Read more
  • Original Best Practices Benchmarking courses: Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia, CONFIRMED 13 – 15 April 2021 . Completion to full online course also possible in May/June 2021.  Read more
  • Future skills – schools defending the planet against the climate change, 20-30 May 2021. Completion to full online course also possible 11-15 June 2021. Read more
  • Coaching strategies for schools – Turn change into lasting education benefits, 23 – 25 June 2021. Completion to full online course also possible 9 – 30 April 2021. Read more
  • Integrated curriculum – teaching global skills, CONFIRMED, 5-7 May 2021. Completion to full online course also possible on demand. Read more
  • Playful Science Education for small children through play, drama and stories. Self-paced continuous course on a standing basis. Read more
  • Migrants’ course: Let’s Use ICT in Teaching & Learning of Newly-Arrived Migrants, CONFIRMED 6-27.4. 2021. Next option: 11.5. – 1.6. Completion to full online course possible 26.4. – 15.6. 2021. Read more
  • How to Make Your School More International, 23 March – 1 April, next option 13 – 20 April 2021. Completion to full online course on demand. Read more
  • A Classroom in My Back Pocket – Delivering the Curriculum at Home & in School with steps to virtual facilitation of sessions: 25 May – 8 June 2021. Completion to full online course on demand. Read more

Options of Euneos’ Redesign project:

  • Lead-in online training unit (16-24 hrs), 160 €
  • Completion to full online course (12-20 hrs), 190 €
  • Blended mobility (48 hrs) : lead-in unit + KA1 course on site 650 €
  • Full online training (36 hrs): lead-in unit + completion unit 350 €

If the on-site part of a blended mobility fails, the lead-in component can lead to full online course. There should be nothing that prevents schools to use part of their grant for online training during the pandemic. All online courses above can be funded by the organisational support (350€) of Erasmus+ grant, read what the commission says>>

The new Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027 tells it like it is: ”In addition to physical mobility, all staff mobility activities can be blended with virtual activities.” (Erasmus+ Guide 2021, p. 95)

Those who register for Euneos courses can inform that they are also willing to take an optional online component. Blended courses of Euneos can vary up to the course and trainer. Provided that there are the minimum number of registrants, the online component will be run in the framework of the whole Erasmus+ KA1 course. The course fee of a blended course will be equal to a full on-site course.

Euneos teams are experienced to handle big groups from the same school or from a consortium of schools. Euneos trainers can help both on site and online, and our experts can also be invited to travel to any venue. Mail to to consult Euneos admin.

If uncertain consult your National Agency. Link to National agencies>>
Other funding is possible too. Courses are certified by Euneos FI, the Finnish Erasmus KA1 course provider.
Go to registration or mail to!

A Classroom in My Back Pocket – also online now!

At home or in school, learn how to fully utilise the opportunitiesfor teaching and learning that mobile digital devices and applications provide.


With Euneos, you can start your Erasmus+ course online now! Our lead-in courses are introductions to the onsite-courses and can be funded by organisational support of the Erasmus+ grant. Consult your National Agency of Erasmus+ programme.

A Classroom in My Back Pocket – Delivering the Curriculum at Home & in School with steps to virtual facilitation of sessions. Completion to full online course on demand


Download the programme>>

Schedule: 25 May 2021 – 8 June 2021
Total work load: 16 hours.

Fee: 160 € + VAT 38,40 €. VAT 0% when registering with a VAT-number/tax code. This payment will be deducted from the fee of the corresponding KA1 course on site.
Register to this lead-in course by sending email to

Target Group:

  • Teachers and management of primary and secondary school

Main topics of the course

The course covers a wide range of innovative tools that help to drive and upskill teachers’ digital skills and strategy in order to create and distribute engaging curriculum content that can be delivered  purposely to students at home or in school.

The last 12 months have demonstrated the huge adaptability and resourcefulness of everyone in the education sector in reimagining the use of everyday technology to provide continuity of learning in very challenging and critical circumstances.

Slowly, as parts of life and society begin to move forward, the experiences and difficulties of teaching remotely have helped us as educators develop digital skills and approaches to learning that have enable us to present learning opportunities more effectively and in a way that the idea of “a classroom in my back pocket” becomes a distinct possibility. 

This course looks to further develop ideas of creating a platforms that can be used by an individual teacher or a school to host and present a content that can be accessed and responded to by students at any time, in any setting with any device

The lead-in, “A Classroom in My Back Pocket” course is conducted over two sessions with additional tasks to help reinforce and develop both practical skills and strategic vision for using mobile technology for creative curriculum content delivery.


Peter Rafferty

Apply / Contact

Click here to apply or to contact us. Those who want to apply for KA1 grant and would like to receive our support documents, will find there a link to our enlisting form. Schools that have received a grant, will find there a contact form.

COVID-19 Euneos Policy

Your health and safety, and keeping COVID-19 epidemic in control, are important to Euneos. In order to balance that commitment with the need for lifelong learning, we have taken the following precautions:


All Euneos courses between March 2020 and May 2020 were postponed due to the epidemic. Registered participants were supported by offering the client organizations an opportunity to move their registrations to latter sessions.

From August 2020 onwards, arrangements of each course are decided after careful consideration taking into account the situation in course location, and both national and EU recommendations.

In order to support learning also during these difficult times, Euneos has organized 13 free webinars during the lockdown. Information about the future webinars, when confirmed, will be found on Euneos website (

Safety arrangements in our courses

Each course will be  arranged if the location is considered safe by the authorities.
Euneos collaborates closely with the course venues, and chooses venues that are taking the new health requirements seriously. Special attention is paid to cleaning and hygiene of the venue.

Course venues are arranged so that the safe distance between all participants can always be kept.

The recommendations about the face mask use depend on the country and the general situation of the epidemic. The participants will be informed well in advance of how they should be prepared. Euneos recommends that the participants bring their own masks and hand sanitizer with them, as their availability in different locations cannot be guaranteed.

Recommendations for participants

Make flexible travel plans in case a course needs to be postponed due to an outbreak. Currently, many airlines give good flexible ticket options. Choose also accommodation on flexible terms.

In case a new outbreak prevents us from arranging a course, all participants are given options for rescheduling their registration to a latter session, but Euneos is not responsible for potential travel expenses of the participants.

Please postpone your participation in case you have any Covid-19 symptoms and inform the course administration ( and the main trainer about it as soon as possible.

Future skills – schools defending the planet against the climate change – now also online

What are the skills your students need in future, especially in solving wicked problems like climate change? Let’s have a deep look at the future skills, foresights, scenarios, weak signals and trends in an interesting and playful way and take the future in our hands. All the methods used are suitable to your students too. Be in the first front!

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