Let’s learn about vocational education in Finland

Vocational schools can learn from Finnish competence-based teaching and learning and share their experiences.

FOR PARTICIPANTS: click here for practical information (venue, hotels, transport etc.)

Target group

  • School managers of vocational schools
  • Educational policy experts and advisers
  • Teachers of different subjects from all vocational schools
  • Teacher trainers, careers officers, educational guides and counsellors
  • Educational consultants, teachers coachers

Main topics of this course

  • Curriculum reforms on the national and European level. EQF and ECVET as a basis for Finnish NQF and VET curricula.
  • Work organisation of Vantaa Vocational College Varia.
  • Competence-based teaching and learning.
  • Individual learning paths in VET, options what to study and how to study eg. e-learning, on-the-job-learning etc.
  • Evaluation and assessment in VET – Skill demonstration.
  • Sharing experiences in groups. How is the knowledge, skills and competences evaluated in your system? ECVET in your country? Making a comparison to Finnish system,
  • Student in the center. On-the-job-learning.
  • Adult training. Competence –based qualification.
  • Finnish vocational teacher. Social status. Qualifications. In-service training.
  • School policy plans. Erasmus plus projects and applications. Finding the best practises, comparing the systems and methods throughout Europe. International projects (set up during this course).

Methodology of the course

  • General introductions to topics. Lectures, demonstrations, sessions, individual search of information.
  • Learning & sharing. Participants learn by following lectures,  observing, working ‘hands on’, sharing experiences and expertise about the topics, discussing in sessions and workshops.
  • Creating output. Individual or team work on learning diaries, blogs and Social media. Producing recommendations to be used in one’s own school and network.
  • Own intellectual outputs by means of learning diary
  • Personal guidance on demand.
  • Excursion


  • The course participants will get a Certificate of active participation.
  • The competences acquired will be validated by the course organisers on the Europass mobility.


Accommodation and meals

Participants take care of booking their hotel. Euneos will give advice for hotels in different price categories. Participants are free in choice of hotels and restaurants. Accommodation to be paid directly by participants to hotels and restaurants. Lunch and coffee/tea and other refreshments can be bought in the cafeteria of the venue.

More information

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Course providers

  • Euneos Corp. , PIC 950782555, OID E10124150

Apply / Contact

Click here to apply or to contact us. Those who want to apply for KA1 grant and would like to receive our support documents, will find there a link to our enlisting form. Schools that have received a grant, will find there a contact form.

Planned courses (Lockdowns or orther travelling restrictions to be noticed)

  • 10 – 16 October 2021, Helsinki/Vantaa, Finland
  • September/October 2022, Helsinki/Vantaa, Finland
  • September/October 2023, Helsinki/Vantaa, Finland

Course fee 

  • The courses start on Sunday afternoon and end on Saturday 13.00 (7 days).
  • Fee for tuition and materials: 490 euro
  • Administration costs: 160 euro
  • Total fee: 650 euro (10% discount for schools coming with 5 or more participants to Euneos courses).
  • Read more about fee and billing
  • Fee change coming due to Erasmus programme 2021-27

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