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Mobilities can be started online now

Dear Erasmus colleagues!
We hope that you and all your staff in school are safe and sound.
Euneos FI wants to address to all schools of Erasmus programme countries. There is a special reason for that. We have some news about how to proceed with pending mobilities .

So far Finland has been among the most successful in Europe to defend citizens against corona virus. According to the information of the Finnish health officials we estimate that travelling to Erasmus KA1 course venues in Finland will be possible the next school-year 2021-2022.

To anticipate the future Euneos FI has created a dozen of blended mobilities in the Redesign project of Euneos’ courses, see current courses for blended mobilities. These units can be started immediately on the dates given, and they can also be certified as independent training units.

Blended mobilities consist of

  • lead-in online unit of training ( min 16 hrs) + ordinary Erasmus KA1 course (min 32 hrs) on site.

Euneos FI has decided to offer even more. There are also full online training courses of Euneos available. They consist of

  • lead-in online unit + online completion course.

Full online courses provide full online training to the most popular topics of Euneos’ courses. They comprise all substantial cognitive content of ordinary Erasmus KA1 courses on site. Book your places now, mail to 
 register here>>

A great deal of Erasmus KA1 on-site courses are already transformed into virtual format in our Redesign project 1 July 2020 – 25 February 2021. Dr Mart Laanpere, the renowned expert of digital education, leads Euneos trainers to a scientific approach of redesign.

Euneos wants to provide high-quality courses. This concerns also our online courses. Instead of “talking head” approach, Euneos trainers focus on interactive and productive work in collaboration. They accept the best pedagogical ideas and practices of virtual training today and add their top experience to redesign.  Even the questions of virtual facilitation have been explored in the Redesign project.

Euneos offers you a rich choice of courses,
see .
After finding the course matching with your mobility, please go & register,
If your grant is also for schoolyear 2021-2022, register in

Registration also possible by mailing to

EU funding: Organisational support of a grant up to 350 €. (National or own funding possible too.)
Our information is based on the official information of the EU commission about continuation of the Erasmus+ programme. Consult your NA in case of uncertainty.

Lead-in online training unit, 160 €
Blended mobility: lead-in unit 160 € + KA1 course on site, 490 €
Full online training: lead-in unit + completion course, 350 €

More about fees in

Consult your National agency to know more about the use of Erasmus+ grant for online activities. Link to National agencies>>
Postponement of courses helps schools to finalize their pending mobilities. Euneos FI has responded to the postponement by offering new sessions of Euneos KA1 courses in 2021-2022. Changing from a course to another is possible by permission of NA.
The Commission has published guidelines to ensure the uniform application of EU passenger rights throughout the EU. See also links to travel advice of all EU countries.

Heidi Veikkolainen, course admin,
Special arrangements due to the pandemic
Whenever you make changes to travel arrangements for any courses, schools need to prefer flexible flight tickets and flexible accommodation. Postponement of Euneos courses may happen due to cancellations while the number of participants goes down the minimum. Refunding of fee will take place if the postponement of the course is not possible. As a course provider Euneos is not responsible for any other costs paid by your Erasmus+ grant.
Euneos FI follows the situation and informs the schools participating in Euneos courses. Our information and actions follow the official advice given by the authorities responsible for the Erasmus+ program.
The European Commission is working on all fronts to support efforts to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, read more .

Dear Erasmus+ grant holders, To ensure your seat on the courses and sessions of your preference, please make the registration as soon as you have received the grant.
Funded schools can register:

You may simply use terms like participant 1,2,3 at this point when filling in the registration form and then wait to receive a confirmation of your registration via email to the contact person’s email address.

Participant information can be easily modified later, but it is good to know the number of participants joining the courses already at this point.

Please wait with booking flights and accommodation until we tell you it is fine. We shall confirm each session as soon as we have reached the minimum number of participants and then send the information mail telling you how to proceed with practical arrangements.

We are warmly welcoming you and your colleagues to Euneos courses!

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  • Personal tuition via, or contact form of Euneos.
  • 10% DISCOUNT if your school will send 5 or more teachers to Euneos Erasmus+ courses.
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