Black Friday offer – Euneos courses June – December 2021

Black Friday Sale – Limited offer in
Euneos Erasmus autumn 2021 courses now only 585€ per person (650,00€). Offer valid till Sunday Nov 29th 2020, 24.00 (CET).
* not applicable on previously made registrations

Online units

Euneos invites your school to join the brand new lead-in online courses we are offering now. Write to Euneos course admin serves you personally.

Here is a list of the courses that we are offering at the moment with an online start. More lead-in courses are on their way!

  • Digital STEAM. Teaching integrated science, art and mathematics with digital devices. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Coding and Robotics in Classroom. Teaching programming to 1-9 graders according to the Finnish National Curriculum for primary education. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Digital turn: How to make your school more digital. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • eAssessment. Assessment of/for learning with digital tools. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Game-Based learning. About theory and practice of game-based learning & gamification. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Original Best Practices Benchmarking courses: Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Future skills – schools defending the planet against the climate change. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Coaching strategies for schools – Turn change into lasting education benefits. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Integrated curriculum – teaching global skills.  #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Playful Science Education for small children through play, drama and stories. Self-paced course.  #euneoscourses. Read more

We understand that your school – like all other European schools with a valid grant – is really in need of training for your staff. Last spring the grant period was extended by max 12 months. As the time is running out, it is better to start the mobility with online activities as advised by NAs.  Consult your National agency for more. Fee for a lead-in course is 160 euro plus 24% VAT. (0 % for institution with a valid VAT number/fiscal code).
Lead-in online courses are an independent entity of learning. At the same time lead-in courses can anticipate a successful completion of the full Erasmus+ KA1 course in spring 2021, be it on-site or online. Euneos will do its best that schools need not cancel their mobilities.
Euneos lead-in courses are run by competent trainers. The courses will include min. 16 hours of online activities, half real-time and half asynchronous. The hours are split in several time slots during a certain period of time. If possible, Euneos starts lead-in courses in the same week as mentioned in our regular schedule of Erasmus+ courses. Of course, we are flexible regarding dates. Recordings of online sessions will be availbale to participants. In case the funding period of a school is coming to an end soon, Euneos can also organise full online courses with lead-in and completion activities (min 16+32 = min 48 hrs).  To know more about courses and possible discounts contact

Registration for Euneos courses

Euneos offers you a rich choice of courses, see .
After finding the course matching with your mobility, please go & register,
If your grant is also for schoolyear 2021-2022, register in

The second edition of the crash course Coaching strategies is tailored for those who want to face the current challenges actively together with colleagues , read more>>
Consult your National agency to know more about the use of Erasmus+ grant for online activities. Link to National agencies>>
Postponement of courses helps schools to finalize their pending mobilities. Euneos FI has responded to the postponement by offering new sessions of KA1 courses in 2020-2022. Changing from a course to another is possible by permission of NA.
The Commission has published guidelines to ensure the uniform application of EU passenger rights throughout the EU. See also links to travel advice of all EU countries.

Heidi Veikkolainen, course admin,
Replacing sessions after the lockdown
See our replacing sessions of our Erasmus+ KA1 courses postponed by COVID -19 lockdown in
Old registrants should mail to after choosing their replacing session.
Whenever you make changes to travel arrangements for any courses, schools need to prefer flexible flight tickets and flexible accommodation. Postponement of Euneos courses may happen due to cancellations while the number of participants goes down the minimum. Refunding of fee will take place if the postponement of the course is not possible. As a course provider Euneos is not responsible for any other costs paid by your Erasmus+ grant.
Euneos FI follows the situation and informs the schools participating in Euneos courses. Our information and actions follow the official advice given by the authorities responsible for the Erasmus+ program.
The European Commission is working on all fronts to support efforts to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, read more .

Dear Erasmus+ grant holders, To ensure your seat on the courses and sessions of your preference, please make the registration as soon as you have received the grant.
Funded schools can register:

You may simply use terms like participant 1,2,3 at this point when filling in the registration form and then wait to receive a confirmation of your registration via email to the contact person’s email address.

Participant information can be easily modified later, but it is good to know the number of participants joining the courses already at this point.

Please wait with booking flights and accommodation until we tell you it is fine. We shall confirm each session as soon as we have reached the minimum number of participants and then send the information mail telling you how to proceed with practical arrangements.

We are warmly welcoming you and your colleagues to Euneos courses!

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