How to write a good Erasmus Plan Call for Accreditation KA120 – free webinar

Thursday September 24, 16:00 CET (Central European Time): How to write a good Erasmus Plan Call for Accreditation KA120?

In this 90-minute webinar the Euneos “How to make your school more international” team are going to help you write a good Erasmus plan if you intend to apply for the Call for Accreditation KA120 (deadline 29 October 2020 – 12.00 CET)
You can profit from the team’s’ extensive experience with Erasmus+ applications and internationalisation policy. They will introduce the new call and show you the ins and outs and the dos and donts of the Erasmus plan.

If you are planning to apply for Erasmus Accredition for your school, consortium or institute this is a chance not to be missed.

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More Euneos free webinars will be arranged in the context of the Coaching online course which Euneos started in June 2020. The first edition of the course was completed in August. The new editions are running continuously. Read more>>
The Coaching Online Course will give space for reflection, for one’s own well-being & peace of mind in order to access the ultimate creativity. Free webinars will handle the issues of how to continue with teaching and with helping all students to learn.
Examples for courses during pandemic reflect Finnish education the success of which is based on equality and guaranteed access to same quality of education for all.

Facilitator: Andreea Gatman, MBA in PGM Modul University Vienna, ICF Certfied Coach, ICF Team Certified Coach

Assistant: Jenni Sippala, language student of Helsinki university
Other online activities

Lead-in courses (16 hrs) of Euneos are organised in autumn 2020 to anticipate Erasmus KA1 courses of Euneos on-site next spring.
In case of force majeure in spring 2021 Euneos is also ready to realise full Erasmus+ courses online. We will support schools to bring their mobilities to completion in any circumstances.
Funding: Erasmus+ grant holders can use part of their grant (organisational support) for online purposes of mobilities. Consult your National agency for more.
Local: Ask your school for local funds for your personal professional development.
All information about Euneos courses can be found on our website.

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