Free webinar about Finnish practices when schools are closed – limited opportunity for 100 teachers

COVID-19 Lockdown – how do Finnish schools and teachers are planning & communicating when schools are closed?

Who should attend?

Any teacher that is organising her/his activity with class learning on a distance, facing proactive closing of schools. Any teacher that is interested in developing and using coaching skills to organise her/his teaching activity.

What will be covered during the webinar

Data shows that any “sudden” digital turn/technological turn will create resistance mostly because we consider only the technical and we leave aside the adaptive challenges teachers/ workers in general face.  It also blocks people in different emotional states: denial, blaming games, etc. What we want is to pass to responsible action and community learning and practice state.

  • 10 steps to assist you with self-organising and self-managing your learning & teaching
  • Small Innovation and actions you will take today will serve you when you are back in class/school

Ergonomics of Learning, based on Finnish Schools Ergonomics & THEIR experience schools closing  or distance learning

We will approach during the webinar how to design your learning based on Finnish practices: Adaptive Modules- how do Finnish schools plan and communicated & “Technical” Modules covered: Class management; Google (integrative) platform; Other tools.

Awareness of personal wellbeing during this period to support students’ wellbeing as well.

When and how?

You can opt for the following dates, and use these links to attend the webinars. Please connect at least 5 minutes before the starting time, which would give you a margin to resolve minor technical issues (if occurs).

Facilitator: Andreea Gatman – Certified Coach (ICF standard) & Trainer, organising and delivering ERASMUS courses in Finland with EUNEOS Corporation during the last 5 years, MBA in Public Governance and Management, Modul University Vienna, BA in Political Science