Course fee and billing procedure

All costs for Euneos courses can be supported with the grant of Erasmus+ KA1. Read more about KA1 funding here

1. Course fee

Euneos will charge you for a 7 days course 650 euro per participant (with possible discount up to 10 %). The  courses have a fixed price.
The fixed price (including discount) does not concern special courses tailored for schools/consortia.
NB! The price will change when the new Erasmus programme starts in 2021.

This fee consists of 2 parts:

  1. Course fee: for a 7 days course 490 euro for tuition and materials. This is covered with the course fee that you get with your grant: 70 euro per day.
  2. Organisational costs: with KA1 grant each school / organisation will receive 350 euro per participant for organisational support, of which Euneos will charge for a 7 days course 160 euro per participant for administration and organisation costs (local organisation for venue, rent of venue, costs for Euneos administration).

If you come with 5 or more participants to a 7 days Euneos course, you will get a discount of 10% and you will pay only 95 euro organisational costs per participant. It means that the bill will show 490 euro for course fee and 95 euro for organisational cost. Total bill will be 585 euro per participant.

It means that part of your budget of 350 euro per participant that your receive with your KA1 grant for organisational support, goes to the course provider due to the higher costs level to make the courses affordable. The remaining 190 euro (or with discount 255 euro per participant) can be used by your school / organisation.

Courses shorter than 7 days
Education in Finland and Estonia – Original Best Practices Benchmarking course also offers options of shorter than 7 days courses
– Helsinki, 4 days single course, 400 euro
– Tallinn, 3 days single course, 300 euro
– Helsinki course + Tallinn course combined, 650 euro (invoice with
separate fees 370 e + 280 e )

NB! If you choose both Helsinki (4 days) and Tallinn (3 days) courses, you may need to discuss with your National Agency about your choice of courses in 2 different countries. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

To be paid by yourself from the KA1 grant

  1. Travel costs. The grant includes a budget for travel costs. The amount is calculated based on the distance that you need to travel from your home place to the course. Click here to know more about distance calculator and link to Erasmus+ Programme guide pdf
  2. Accommodation and meals (Individual support in the grant). The amount that you receive to cover the costs of your stay in hotel and meals will depend on the country. It can be between 70 – 140 euro per day. Euneos doesn’t organise the stay in hotel but we give advice for booking of hotel in different price categories near the course venue and for cheap lunches. For dinners there is enough choice near all our venues.


Euneos is not liable for any expenses caused by a case of force majeure. If flights are cancelled for any reason, Euneos Corp. as the course provider is not responsible for the financial or other consequences concerning travel, accommodation or food. If unable to attend, the registered person may substitute someone else from the same organization or attend another Euneos course, by sending a notification to Due to COVID -19 situation Euneos will refund the paid course fees only when the cancellation is based on the decisions and directives of authorities (EU, government, National Agency). Cancellation fee is 160 euro per participant.

Whenever you make any changes to travel arrangements for any courses, it is advisable to choose flexible flight tickets and flexible accommodation.


Acquiring travel insurance and social security are obligatory and at one’s own responsibility.

2. Billing procedure

  1. About 4 weeks before the start of each course Euneos will send bills by mail to the participants. Euneos has outsourced the billing to Finvoicer. It means that you will get a bill sent by Finvoicer.
  1. The bill will be sent to the contact person of the school. The billing address will be the school address. The name mentioned on the bill will be the name of the participant.

Example: if a school has 3 participants in a course, the contact person of the school will receive the 3 bills on his mail address. A separate bill for each participant, mentioning the name, place and date of the course and the name of the participant. Billing address will always be the address of the school.

  1. The contact person of the school delivers the individual bills to teachers who participate in the course.
  1. All correspondence about billing will be done by the contact person of the school.
  1. The bills can be paid by the individual teachers or bills can be paid by the school. The reference number of the bill(s) should be mentioned when paying. If you don’t mention the reference number you might get a reminder for the bill as the payment will not be recognised by Finvoicer.

The use of reference number(s) when paying is a necessity. If a school pays the bills of all teachers, all reference numbers should be mentioned.

  1. Important for schools from countries outside the eurozone: if you have more participants, please pay for all participants with one bank transfer. The bank will charge you for each transaction and individual bills will be more expensive for you. The costs of the transaction of both the payer and the recipient (Euneos) are to be taken care of by the payer.

Note: In case the customer cancels their participation after paying the fee , Euneos charges the organisational cost 160 euro as cancellation fee.

Euneos doesn’t accept cash payments. Please contact Euneos administration well on time and ask for one bill for all participants if you prefer one bill.

If your school/institution has a VAT number and you want to have it on the bill, please send it to us.