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Euneos 15th anniversary

Options of Erasmus training to start now

Euneos has had to postpone many courses that were supposed to take place from January to May 2021 as the pandemic has kept spreading and causing new waves in Europe with strict travelling restrictions on venue countries. Vaccination campaigns are proceeding, and all-European health passport is going to be designed.

We cannot know at this point yet when the next courses can be  organized as the situation with Covid-19 has changed for the worse in Finland, like in most other countries in Europe.

Euneos board will discuss the issue of Euneos courses 2021 two months ahead of implementation to see what is realistic. Postponed courses will be replaced by new sessions.

Please take a look at the list of all courses here to see the status of the courses: 

Euneoscourses 2021 – 23 >>

Supply of online options

It is possible – to attend courses online according to the NAs by using max 350,00€ / participant on online training. Since July 2020 Euneos has produced a supply of online formats to meet the demand of schools. We can cover the pending mobilities with various options of online training:
– short lead-in online courses,
– completion courses online.
Short courses can lead to blended courses, or – in case of emergency – to full online courses. So, the implementation of pending mobilities is started with a lead-in online course, and finalised either with a KA1 course on site (blended course), or with a full online course. The fee of each option is explained below, and – as you can see – prices are favourable for schools enjoying Erasmus+ funding.

You will soon find out which option suits to you, and Euneos admin can be helpful to you, as always.

If your school is not going to apply for extension for the grant period to attend later courses taking place on a venue, or to attend a blended course consisting of a lead-in course online + course on a venue, then the best option would be to choose a full online course to make use of the grant while it is still valid.

Please check all the current Euneos online course presentations:
Lead-in online training units>>

You will also find the course programmes and planned schedules behind the links.
Online courses will be organized as long as we have the minimum number of participants registered on each session.

Please notice that there will also be full online courses of the same lead-in course topics if there is enough interest on them. So, you may simply start by choosing any lead-in course date, and then after the course is confirmed, we’ll see if there is a need for a full online course as well and agree on the completion course dates with the trainer.

Fees spring 2021:

  • Lead-in online training unit (16h-24h) 160 €
  • Completion online training unit (12h-20h) 190€
  • Blended mobility: lead-in unit 160 € + KA1 course on site (48h) 490 €
  • Full online training: lead-in unit + completion course (36h) 350 €

Register for Euneos courses >>

Please read also the statement of the Finnish NA about the use of the grant for virtual activities , published on 29th January, 2021. Then, check out the website of your own NA to find a similar statement. Consult your National agency to know more about the use of Erasmus+ grant for online activities. National agencies>>
It would be beneficial to find a training solution that will work for your team, whether it be a blended course or a full online course.

In case your school intends to apply already for new funding in the Erasmus 2021-2027 programme, please do not hesitate to ask for support materials later this spring.
The deadline for applications has not yet been decided by the Commission. However, it will not be before the end of March 2021 according to the Finnish NA.