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Cyber Monday offer – two at the price of one

Cyber Monday offer – in
Euneos Erasmus online courses 2 persons for the price of 1 (160 € + VAT 38,40 €. VAT 0% when registering with a VAT-number/national taxation code).
Limited offer valid till Tuesday Dec 1st 2020, 24.00 (CET).
* not applicable on previously made registrations


Online units

Euneos invites your school to join the brand new lead-in online courses we are offering now. To know more write to! Euneos course admin serves you personally.

Here is a list of the courses that we are offering at the moment with an online start. More lead-in courses are on their way!

  • Digital STEAM. Teaching integrated science, art and mathematics with digital devices. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Coding and Robotics in Classroom. Teaching programming to 1-9 graders according to the Finnish National Curriculum for primary education. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Digital turn: How to make your school more digital. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • eAssessment. Assessment of/for learning with digital tools. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Game-Based learning. About theory and practice of game-based learning & gamification. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Original Best Practices Benchmarking courses: Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Future skills – schools defending the planet against the climate change. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Coaching strategies for schools – Turn change into lasting education benefits. #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Integrated curriculum – teaching global skills.  #euneoscourses. Read more
  • Playful Science Education for small children through play, drama and stories. Self-paced course.  #euneoscourses. Read more

We understand that your school – like all other European schools with a valid grant – is really in need of training for your staff. Last spring the grant period was extended by max 12 months. As the time is running out, it is better to start the mobility with online activities as advised by NAs.  Consult your National agency for more. Fee for a lead-in course is 160 euro plus 24% VAT. (0 % for institution with a valid VAT number/fiscal code).
Lead-in online courses are an independent entity of learning. At the same time lead-in courses can anticipate a successful completion of the full Erasmus+ KA1 course in spring 2021, be it on-site or online. Euneos will do its best that schools need not cancel their mobilities.
Euneos lead-in courses are run by competent trainers. The courses will include min. 16 hours of online activities, half real-time and half asynchronous. The hours are split in several time slots during a certain period of time. If possible, Euneos starts lead-in courses in the same week as mentioned in our regular schedule of Erasmus+ courses. Of course, we are flexible regarding dates. Recordings of online sessions will be availbale to participants. In case the funding period of a school is coming to an end soon, Euneos can also organise full online courses with lead-in and completion activities (min 16+32 = min 48 hrs).  To know more about courses and possible discounts contact

Registration for Euneos courses

Euneos offers you a rich choice of courses, see .
After finding the course matching with your mobility, please go & register,
If your grant is also for schoolyear 2021-2022, register in

The second edition of the crash course Coaching strategies is tailored for those who want to face the current challenges actively together with colleagues , read more>>
Consult your National agency to know more about the use of Erasmus+ grant for online activities. Link to National agencies>>

Free webinar

Free webinars of Euneos are given in the context of lead-in online units of Erasmus KA1 courses of Euneos. The next free webinar is on Thursday 17 December 2020 at 5 p.m. CET.

Register here>>

More free webinars?

More Euneos free webinars will be arranged in the context of the Coaching online course which Euneos started in June 2020. The first edition of the course was completed in August. The new editions are running continuously. Read more>>
The Coaching Online Course will give space for reflection, for one’s own well-being & peace of mind in order to access the ultimate creativity. Free webinars will handle the issues of how to continue with teaching and with helping all students to learn.
Examples for courses during pandemic reflect Finnish education the success of which is based on equality and guaranteed access to same quality of education for all.

Facilitator: Andreea Gatman, MBA in PGM Modul University Vienna, ICF Certfied Coach, ICF Team Certified Coach

Assistant: Jenni Sippala, language student of Helsinki university
Other online activities

Lead-in courses (16 hrs) of Euneos are organised in autumn 2020 to anticipate Erasmus KA1 courses of Euneos on-site next spring.
In case of force majeure in spring 2021 Euneos is also ready to realise full Erasmus+ courses online. We will support schools to bring their mobilities to completion in any circumstances.
Funding: Erasmus+ grant holders can use part of their grant (organisational support) for online purposes of mobilities. Consult your National agency for more.
Local: Ask your school for local funds for your personal professional development.
All information about Euneos courses can be found on our website.

Take care,

Heidi Veikkolainen, Euneos course admin