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COVID-19 Euneos Policy

Your health and safety, and keeping COVID-19 epidemic in control, are important to Euneos. In order to balance that commitment with the need for lifelong learning, we have taken the following precautions:


All Euneos courses between March 2020 and May 2020 were postponed due to the epidemic. Registered participants were supported by offering the client organizations an opportunity to move their registrations to latter sessions.

From August 2020 onwards, arrangements of each course are decided after careful consideration taking into account the situation in course location, and both national and EU recommendations.

In order to support learning also during these difficult times, Euneos has organized 13 free webinars during the lockdown. Information about the future webinars, when confirmed, will be found on Euneos website (

Safety arrangements in our courses

Each course will be  arranged if the location is considered safe by the authorities.
Euneos collaborates closely with the course venues, and chooses venues that are taking the new health requirements seriously. Special attention is paid to cleaning and hygiene of the venue.

Course venues are arranged so that the safe distance between all participants can always be kept.

The recommendations about the face mask use depend on the country and the general situation of the epidemic. The participants will be informed well in advance of how they should be prepared. Euneos recommends that the participants bring their own masks and hand sanitizer with them, as their availability in different locations cannot be guaranteed.

Recommendations for participants

Make flexible travel plans in case a course needs to be postponed due to an outbreak. Currently, many airlines give good flexible ticket options. Choose also accommodation on flexible terms.

In case a new outbreak prevents us from arranging a course, all participants are given options for rescheduling their registration to a latter session, but Euneos is not responsible for potential travel expenses of the participants.

Please postpone your participation in case you have any Covid-19 symptoms and inform the course administration ( and the main trainer about it as soon as possible.

Free webinars about Finnish & Estonian education continue

Dear colleagues!
We gladly invite you to free webinars of Euneos FI :-)! 

Topic: How to Turn Challenging Learning into Long Lasting Benefits
Time: Friday Jun 26, 2020 04:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Register here>>

Learning & teaching during COVID it was not a matter of digitalisation but of right to education worldwide and wellbeing
EUNEOS has been offering webinars to offer teachers space for reflection, for their own well-being & peace of mind in order to access their creativity and continue teaching and learning all students. Finnish education success is based on equality and guaranteed access to same quality of education for all.

Facilitator: Andreea Gatman, MBA in PGM Modul University Vienna, ICF Certfied Coach, ICF Team Certified Coach

Assistant: Jenni Sippala, language student of Helsinki university
Description of the course, read here>>
This COVID 19 crash course also anticipates blended mobilities, a possible new model of Erasmus KA1 courses.You will get the complete information in the free Q&A session.

Funding: Erasmus+ grant holders, consult your National agency.
Local: Ask your school for local funds for your personal professional development.

All information about Euneos courses can be found on our website.

Take care,

Heidi Veikkolainen, Euneos course admin

More free webinars?

More free webinars will continue after summer break in August. In April-June 2020 Euneos has organised 15 free webinar sessions to many topics of Euneos courses. About 800 teachers and principals of schools learned to know more about the course of their interest.

LIFE2021 SHADOWING EXPERIENCE – Learning and teaching together

LIFE2021 SHADOWING EXPERIENCE – LEARNING AND TEACHING TOGETHER is new way to get even deeper into the famous Finnish education, in Lapland right by the Arctic Circle. LIFE2021 is an Erasmus+ course scaled into a seminar settings. During this course you will understand how everyday life works in Finnish schools by shadowing Finnish teachers and by listening to the top Finnish education experts, such as Aulis Pitkälä, former President of Finnish National Agency for Education.

LIFE™ was chosen in 2019 as one of the winners in the Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product -contest!

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Special Education in Finland – Original Best Practices Benchmarking course: SEN Teaching Edition

Original benchmarking courses in schools of Finland, top performer of European school education since 2000, are Erasmus+ KA1 courses with top content, organised by Euneos, the Finnish course provider. Observe lessons, interact with colleagues of your own school level, and contribute to discussion with a ‘success story’ of your own school. Courses include expert presentations and workshops on how to promote European development. SEN (Special Education Needs) TEACHING EDITION of the course is targeted for those teachers and school heads who have integrated students with special needs / learning difficulties in their groups/classes, work in special education classes in mainstream schools / SEN schools or have students with a need of Easy-to-Read language such as immigrants and elderly citizens.

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Consolidating Good CLIL Practice

Through an interactive approach, Consolidating Good CLIL Practice offers participants a substan­tial storehouse of practical high-impact ideas for adaptation in their context in order to enhance student learning. It also has participants explore key concepts underlying teaching and learning in CLIL contexts.  Practical ideas will be backed up with research evidence so the most effective practices can be identified and applied. There will be opportunities to share with and learn from course participants.

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