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Online courses of Euneos

Four lead-in courses of Euneos FI are confirmed. There is still room for more participants. Mail to to register.
Erasmus KA1 on-site courses this spring are postponed. How to avoid cancellation and get training, read in

  • Digital STEAM. Teaching integrated science, art and mathematics with digital devices, CONFIRMED 11 – 26 March (Round 1) , 15 – 30 April 2021 (Round 2).  Read more
  • Coding and Robotics in Classroom. Teaching programming to 1-9 graders according to the Finnish National Curriculum for primary education, CONFIRMED 12-16.4. (Round 1), 24-28.5. 2021 (Round 2).  Read more
  • Digital turn: How to make your school more digital, 13-23.4. (Round 1) 4-14.5. 2021 (Round 2). Completion to full online 25.5., 28.5. 2021. Read more
  • eAssessment. Assessment of/for learning with digital tools, CONFIRMED 8 – 23 April (Round 1), 6 – 21 May 2021 (Round 2). Read more
  • Game-Based learning. About theory and practice of game-based learning & gamification, 4 – 8 January 2021, DONE. CONFIRMED 22 – 26 March (Round 1) . Completion to full online 17 – 21 May 2021. Read more
  • Original Best Practices Benchmarking courses: Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia, 13 – 15 April 2021 . Read more
  • Future skills – schools defending the planet against the climate change, 14 – 20 March 2021. Read more
  • Coaching strategies for schools – Turn change into lasting education benefits, 25 – 27 March 2021. Read more
  • Integrated curriculum – teaching global skills, 8 – 11 April 2021. Read more
  • Playful Science Education for small children through play, drama and stories. Self-paced continuous course on a standing basis. Read more
  • Migrants’ course: Let’s Use ICT in Teaching & Learning of Newly-Arrived Migrants, 23 Feb – 16 March (Round 1), 6-27.4. 2021 (Round 2). Completion to full online available at end April/beginning May 2021. Read more
  • How to Make Your School More International, 23 March – 1 April 2021 (Round 1), 13 – 20 April 2021 (Round 2). Read more
  • A Classroom in Your Back Pocket – Delivering the Curriculum at Home & in School, 23 March – 13 April (Round 1) and 25 May – 8 June 2021 (Round 2). Read more

Options of Euneos’ Redesign project:

  • Lead-in online training unit (16.24 hrs), 160 €
  • Completion online training unit (12 – 20 hrs), 190 €
  • Blended mobility (48 hrs) : lead-in unit + KA1 course on site 650 €
  • Full online training (36 hrs): lead-in unit + completion unit 350 €

    All lead-in units can lead to full online courses if blended mobilities fail. Euneos teams are also experienced to handle big groups from the same school or from a consortium of schools. Consult Euneos admin about discount, mail to
    All online courses above can be funded by the organisational support of Erasmus+ grants (up to 350 €), National agencies>>
    Other funding is possible too. Courses are certified by Euneos FI, the Finnish Erasmus KA1 course provider.
    Go to registration or mail to!

Training is needed more than ever. COVID 19 has caused a stagnation as courses on premises are not possible. We redesign our Erasmus KA1 courses in our Redesign project from 1 July 2020 to 25 February 2021.
Let us know what kind of online or onsite training you are missing most and we can help you, thanks to our highly experienced and competent trainers! We will keep you updated about our Redesign project.
Always mail to Euneos admin if you need more clarification.

coaching online course

Coaching strategies Turn Challenging Learning into lasting benefits during and after lockdown!

Coaching crash course in English

The 2nd edition of Euneos online course Coaching strategies in English is running on a standing basis. The schedule of 4 independent modules allows you to join the course whenever you have time for it. (Scroll down to read about format, methods and content!)
Course participants who complete the program of 4 modules will be certified by Euneos. Please scroll down to read the course program in English and to register for the course.

Coaching course in Romanian

There is also the 2nd edition of the Coaching course in Romanian. The 1st group of teachers from all over Romania took the course in October. New trainees can join this community of practice.

The course in Romanian is confirmed. and can be joined any time.  The course bases on modules which can be taken in any order. Training is both real-time & asynchronous in Google classroom. Our approach is action learning in an environment for blended learning!! So just join in!

Register here>>

This is what participants feel and how they describe this course: “Surprising experience”, “we get to explore spontaneity, we all work together finding new solutions”, “transforming learning in the class- working & learning with pleasure”, easy to take everything to the classroom and see immediate impact”.

Course brochure in Romanian

Coaching DIGIT – a brand-new course in Romanian

Join this course to learn more about coaching, distance learning and digital methods of teaching.

Read more>>

Register here>

Courses of Andreea Gatman in Romanian, read more

More online courses

Lead-in online courses of Euneos (in English) are offered to schools with funding for Erasmus+ mobilities. A lead-in course includes min. 16 hours real-time & asynchronous training divided over several days within a certain period of time. The lead-in start phase anticipates the corresponding on-site course which will be organised acccording to the schedule in spring 2021 and later.

The special fee for the Coaching crash course is 150 € + VAT 24%. Adding  a valid VAT number (fiscal code) registered in a European country organizations will get an invoice with 0 % VAT. Only organizations are VAT-exempted.


Erasmus program: Schools with funding of Erasmus+ Calls from 2018-20 can use the organisational support (max 350 €) for online activities of their pending mobilities! The paid fee of lead-in online course (160 € + 24% VAT) is made good as an advance payment to the participants who will later come to one of the corresponding on-site courses of Euneos FI.
Coaching lead-in course online can also be part of the corresponding on-site course. In hesitation consult your NA! National agencies>>
Other means of funding are also accepted.

About the crash course

This online tool kit course supports teachers to reflect on the challenging learning process during lockdown and presents tools to support transversal competences teaching.

This crash course about Coaching

  1. Will help teachers to reflect on their teaching right now in order to thrive when they are back in “stable” schooling
  2. It will offer teachers coaching competences practice to support the 21st century education & skills based education
  3. Build future fit mindset for teachers in order not only to survive pandemic situation but to transform

This course will explore the Finnish curriculum & tool kit based on lessons observed in the Finnish system

Register Here


  1. Follow and apply tools – for each week ( up to 3h a week ) a total of 12h
  2. Follow and apply tools + live meeting 1.5 h each Thursday ( from 5 pm to 6.30  pm CET ) where we will work on your own case studies & experience (this will accelerate your learning and help with your own wellbeing ), 2h post course self-reflection

Program of the course

Kick Off meeting- how do we organize & work during this course

Module 1- Teach Resilience& building on strengths ( 1st week )
Module 2- Teach Self compassion & empathy ( 2nd week)
Module 3- Teach Resourcefulness & growth mindset (3rd week)
Module 4- Teach Self leadership (efficacy, efficiency, management) 4th week

Virtual visit & best practice exchange with Finnish school

All 4 modules LIVE sessions of the course are mandatory as a process.

HOW we will work

  • All materials will be available for work in virtual environment
  • All participants will access a GUIDELINE toolkit for each week work with examples & instruments
  • During the 4 weeks there will be self-reflected work ( applying the toolkit), peer learning & feed forward, coach &trainer feed forward & feedback( online available for your work in Google classroom);
  • and 4 live sessions if you opt on the 25h course!
  • Multiculturality will be a strong asset of the course : all teachers in the course are invited to remain in the virtual class, so there are future ideas you can come back to and develop them with teachers from different cultures & systems.

Teachers’ testimonies:

  • “The course was very innovative and up-to-date. The trainer sent us the latest articles and texts about resilience, teachers´ competences and other features which are typical and necessary for well-being. I highly  appreciate live meetings via Zoom where we discussed all materials, any questions which arose and did a couple of interesting exercises like meditation and visualisation. I recommend this course to any teacher who wants to widen their horizon and knowledge.” ( Katarina, Slovakia)
  • “It was adifferent experience, I felt warmth, politeness and flexibility” ( Sorina, Romania)

Register Here

Trainer: Andreea Gatman- ICF certified Coach , ICF Team Certified Coach, EUNEOS Trainer

Assistant: Jenni Sippala, student of Helsinki university.

Special consideration: COURSE developed with the support of special education teachers, school administration & educational facilitators & support education. They are  guests in the modules & or inspired modules with their own work!The 2nd edition of course offered to Romanian schools  in Romanian language, access the presentation& registration here>>


Nota bene! Are you representing a group of schools/teachers and you would like this course to be part of your educational strategy during challenging learning? Ask for this course to be delivered in your language&/or your own context. For special editions  contact trainer:

Cost of the course (see your NA special guideline during COVID 19 if you have an ERASMUS grant approved): 150 euro (plus VAT). If you come as a group from the same school/partnership/consortium you can register 4 and the 5th will not pay (4+1). IF you will join any of the Coaching courses ask us for blended mobility discount.