Course Venues

Euneos choice of venues is based on two essentials: delivering professionalism and assuring personal well-being in order to warrant enjoyable course experience.

Teijo, Finland


The iron works villages of Teijo next to Teijo National Park radiates an upbeat village atmosphere: red ochre houses, ironworks buildings, history, shops, unique delicacies, artisan products unlike any other, as well as spectacular nature.

  • Don’t know what to do while in Helsinki and looking for suggestions? Go to GetYourGuide and choose the best activity for you!

Course Venue

Teijo Makerspace - Main part of the course takes place at Teijo Makerspace, located at Kirjakkala Village. At the open workshop that holds weekly courses for adults and kids. Also there are regularly updating training sessions for K12 technology teachers around Finland. These sessions focus on STEAM and Maker education. 


We recommend taking accommodation at the Mathildedal village since there are multiple restaurants and leisure time activities. You can choose hotelroom or cabin. 

Book desired accommodation at:

Hotel Mathildedal and Mathildan Marina have a discount for Euneos course participants. Please contact

Hotel Mathildedal - 1-4 person rooms with breakfast

Mathildan Marina 1-4 person rooms with breakfast



Helsinki Airport/Lentosaema is the major international airport in Finland. It is located in Vantaa municipality,  part of the inner core of the Finnish Capital Region along with Helsinki, Espoo, and Kauniainen. You can get to Helsinki Airport with just one train ticket from anywhere in Finland. Another feasible option for international flights is Turku airport, which is approximately about 2 hour driving distance from Helsinki.

Once at the Helsinki Airport, you may purchase a multi-day ( 1 to 7 days) ABC ZONES ticket for public transport valid for Helsinki capital city area, Vantaa and Espoo for buses, trains, trams and boats to some of the islands (like Soumenlinna). Therefore, we warmly recommend purchasing a Regional Ticket.

You can purchase the ticket from the airport (arrival terminal, luggage lines, using the machine, or from R-kiosk (yellow shops) from Terminal 1 or from the train departure station from the machine. Prices may differ depending on the vendor so we recommend you the HSL app for the cheapest easiest way. You can also purchase it on the mobile HSL application.

The train from airport to central railway station in Helsinki will be a ride of approx.20 min, you can pick the train via Tikkurila(otherwise you will have a longer ride)-train P.  You can also check the route planner.

Teijo Iron work Villages are located in Salo, in Southwest Finland. From Helsinki to Salo is 80min by train (Train final destination Kupittaa/Turku, book your ticket:

From Salo there´s public transportation (PAIKKU) to Teijo Iron works village during daytime.

Line 30 Mathildedal - Kirjakkala - Salo 

Commuting in the Teijo Iron work villages

You can commute between villages by bus and taxi. Course programs are scheduled so that you can use public transportation or a shuttle bus from the organizer. 

SALO Public transportation - PAIKKU

Line 30 Mathildedal - Kirjakkala - Salo 

Village Taxi +358 44 5544033

Buss stops in the villages:

Mathilda (Accomodations, restaurants)

Kirjakkala (Course Venue Adress: Merikulmantie 1498)


 Bus Timetables

Course Practical STEAM Education has a obligatory transportation Fee that covers:

  • Monday taxi from SALO train station to Mathildedal village
  • 4 day unlimited public transport ticket for commuting between villages
  • Friday bus trip to school visit at Perniö
  • Saturday taxi from Mathilda village to SALO train station 

Transportation Fee 70EUR/ person

Catering options

You have your KA1 grant budget for your accommodation including meals. There are school restaurants in some venues providing school lunch. You may also bring your own lunch boxes with you to the venue if you prefer so, we will make sure you will enjoy it. Most of the schools offer vegetarian or lacto/gluten free meals. The courses will include time for relaxing coffee breaks, tea and special moments for cultural exchange. You are welcome to share something from your country and culture.

Course Practical STEAM Education has a obligatory Catering Fee that covers:

  • Tuesday-Friday lunch at the Teijo Makerspace * 4 times
  • Tuesday-Friday afternoon coffee, beverage and snack at the Teijo Makerspace * 4 times
  • Friday open fire dinner dinner at the ending festival

Catering Fee 110EUR / person

Healthcare services contact:

TYKS, Salo Main hospital


To see ...

The Mathildedal Iron Village life is filled with presence, nature, the joy of movement, local food, handicrafts, and fascinating stories of entrepreneurship and life. In Teijo National Park you can see Finnish nature on a mini scale. It has a variety of trails to choose from (2km– 50 km). There is a 18 –hole golf course by the seaside, 2 km from Mathildedal. Meri-Teijo Bike Park offers one of the best mountain biking experiences in Southern Finland. Bike Park with large variety of trails that focus on downhill biking. In Teijo National Park, one can rent rowing boats, kayaks, canoes & sup-boards and fatbikes. While in Finland, make the best of this unique opportunity and take a bite of the Finnish delicacies such as smoked salmon soup lohikeitto and dried reindeer meet kuivaliha. Do not forget to learn more about the famous Finnish culture of drinking coffee with a soft, toasty and aromatic pulla cardamom bread. Tervetuloa!