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Having received an Erasmus+ KA1 grant you  can register for Euneos courses by filling in the registration form.
We also accept registration of schools that didn’t enlist for our courses before.

Click here to see Euneos courses in school years 2018-2020.


Final registration for courses of school-year 2018-2019 from autumn 2018 to summer 2019.

After your national agency has approved your  Erasmus+ mobility, you can register. Even if you filled in our contact form  for Euneos courses, you need to fill in the final registration form. Only the final registration counts.

WARNING: You cannot book flights and hotels, before we confirm the course. Confirmation follows after we have the minimum number of registrations.


  • I need more information about programme, objectives of a course/courses: see each course page on this website (see menu Courses). The final programme for each course will be made shortly before the course, but you find an example of the programme of previous courses.
  • I need to know the price of Euneos courses. See this page
  • I need to know PIC and other details of Euneos: you find it on this website. See this page
  • Will Euneos offer other courses, other course dates: we only offer the courses that you see in the planning. See here. We might organise extra sessions of a course if sessions are getting full. We decide about other sessions later and extra sessions will be published on this website. For big groups (minimum 15) we might organise separate Benchmarking visits. Contact us after grant approval.
  • If you need a document, please have a look at this page: click here

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