Need a Europass?

Information about Europass mobility

The Europass Mobility is a personal document, which is used to record an organised period of time (a mobility experience) that a person spends in another European country for the purpose of learning or training. Read more
If you are interested in making a Europass mobility document for yourself, your school will need to apply for Europass first.
Your school is the sending organisation.

Read first the information and instructions. See below link to national Europass centres. Start well on time with the procedure to obtain a Europass.

Prepare before asking for signature of Euneos
After getting the Europass you have to fill in yourself as much as possible.
  • Example for filling in your Europass mobility. Part 1: general: click here .You will find here also information about Euneos.
  • Example for filling in your Europass mobility. Part 2: topics and programmes: click here
Signature by Euneos. 
Option 1 (preference). Bring your Europass to the course to be signed.
  1. You apply  for a Europass well in time. See the link to information on top of this page.
  2. Before the course you fill in the Europass as much as possible. See examples on this page.
  3. In field 17 you fill in Euneos as host organisation (see example). Leave open fields: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
  4. Bring the Europass printed but also digital as a word doc so that you can make changes if needed.
  5. During the course you can ask the trainer to fill in the open fields 19 to 22 and to sign in field 18 and 37a
Option 2. Send it after the course by mail. If you don’t manage to prepare the Europass before the course, you can send it after the course to
You have to fill in the Europass as much as possible. Leave open fields: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.
Send it as a word document to Euneos for signature and stamp. In this case your Europass will be signed by the Administrative Director of Euneos.